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Oblique Burner - "Twist Disk"


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Good Training For
Golf    / Tennis
Racquetball  /  Baseball
Resistance to Torsion Injuries
Body Toning
Snow Skiing
Surfing  /  Kayaking
All Twisting Sports
Body Building
Waist Size Reduction

Inner & outer oblique
Lower lumbar region.

Other Uses
Warm Ups
Torso Strengthening

All AbsZone equipment comes with an instruction manual and exercise log to track your results.

Build Core Strength with AbsZone
Abdominal Fitness Equipment

This equipment enhances the inner and outer oblique muscles which are stabilizers for the body. Consistent usage will reduce inches off your waistline while increasing abdominal strength. 

Great for those sports which generate repetitive torsion, such as golf, tennis, racquetball, baseball, skiing and many others.

This 16" swiveling workout plateau has a durable rubberized deck to insure secure footing.

Great for torsion injury healing or prevention by "de-rotation" (golf, tennis, baseball, etc. have tendencies to exacerbate torsion injuries)  De-rotation is basically exercising the side of your body that is dormant while performing sports like golf, where you swing is always in one direction. Only one half of the spinal stabilizers are being exercised. Strengthening the body core of stabilizers that enhance posture and stability throughout daily routines and certainly all sports and exercises.
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